Thursday, 13 December 2012

All the last-minute things!

As our departure draws near, we are doing those last-minute jobs we have put off all year and the weight gradually lifts!

Current to-do list includes finishing up with Christmas preparations, birthday celebrations for a niece, sleepover on the weekend with grandparents, final tidy of a couple of bedrooms, figure out how to transport the rest of the crib back to Red Deer from Calgary, clear up countertops and the front of the fridge, get more Canada stuff to bring with us, organise garage, clear summer stuff from the deck (the early snow put a kink in that... now, no excuse), quick shop at IKEA, organise space for our Aussies, pick up our Aussies, finish marking, clear out office at school... And Brad has two masters' courses in history to complete (and exams for those) in addition to his teaching stuff to have completed, while we also adopt out our dog (thank you Parkers!)... Clearing up issues regarding the guy reversing into me last week and replacing our front window is also on that list!... And, at the start of this little blog, I thought we were pretty much good to go!!! yikes...

The most beautiful thing about getting on that airplane and jetting out of Calgary at 7:10 pm, 13 days from now will be that all these things have been looked after and those that haven't been will have to find other ways to be sorted.


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