Monday, 18 March 2013

Markets, beach, sea stars, and LITTLE dots of colour...

This week we checked out the Suzuki Night Market which, on the weekend is known as the Queen Victoria Market. Over the summer months, it runs every Wednesday and is a little more “foody” and a little more “arty” to fit the Melbourne scene! We took advantage of the heat (if you can do that?!?) and headed for the downtown core once school was finished for the day. The atmosphere was festive with bands on stage, buskers doing their thing, food, wine, and any number of goods for sale… We all had something different for supper – Sheena had Mongolian chicken with salad and a delicious glass of white wine, Brad had kebab, Eoin had a strange, potato spiral-thing on a stick and Hana had some bbq ribs. The three of Ukranian persuasion finished off with some perogies (I am told they were delish!) and after wandering around, picking up a few things (buckwheat husk pillow, t-shirty-top-thing), we caved and had some gelato. And let’s not get too emotional about this… that gelato was pretty much as close to heaven as any thing, person or being could be. And did I mention that the LEMON gelato was to die for?!?... because it was.

As the week drew to a close, the kids had their activities… Eoin has started back up with his trampoline and trains for that on Thursdays and Saturday mornings while Hana dances on Tuesday and Fridays for a couple of hours. Also a part of the mix is footy (as it is fondly called – also known as Aussie Rules or AFL) for Eoin in the next couple of weeks and rockband for Hana through the music program at the school. Because we head to a more southern part of Melbourne for Eoin’s trampoline on a Saturday, we spent this weekend investigating a bit further afield, checking out Red Hill Market which runs monthly and which happened to be on this weekend. Hana and I picked up some meat pies for lunch and when Brad returned with Eoin, we made a scenic stop at Arthur Head overlooking the Mornington Penninsula and ate our lunch overlooking the ocean and stretches of beach. Once finished, we got into the car and ended up in Dromana (we try to check out a different beach each time we go) and spent the day alternating between soaking in the sun, staying out of the sun and swimming in the ocean. The water was refreshing and we had the luck of finding a couple of sea stars which Hana found new homes for while Eoin combed the beach looking for others that may have washed up. We headed home to chill and veg out before bed…


Sunday, we took in a little more market outside the National Gallery of Victoria and went to an art exhibit featuring Neo-Impressionists (basically, pointallist painters… I didn’t know either…). We were lucky to catch a free tour that provided a lot of insight and allowed the kids to really see what the work was about. We were headed to St. Kilda afterwards to have a walk at the beach and to get some fish and chips but the tram was out of commission so after wandering to an Italian place we like on the other side of the station, only to find it closed, we headed home and had supper there, tired from a busy weekend and roasting in the heat that is still hanging on despite all Aussies telling us how unusual the heat is for this time of year (we are still getting heat in the mid-30s).

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