Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stopwork Action, Melbourne Rebels and a hang-about weekend...

This weekend was pretty low-key after an interesting week.

February 14th brought stop-work action by Victoria’s public school teachers. The result of this for us meant the kids stayed home as only one teacher at their school did not take strike action while about 15 teachers were at my school (it is not mandatory to be a part of the union here). Those teachers who were at school supervised the two classes-worth of year 7s who came to school.

At first count, when the year 7s at school assembled, there were 37 students so I thought – how easy is that today?!?! Just one class of kids to supervise! When I said that I was surprised that there was only one class, everyone was horrified – no way – that is two classes – are you out of your mind??? I didn’t get it – that was clearly just one class! Then I thought – hold on a minute – this is not Alberta where classes in the mid-thirties (or higher) is quite normal, this is Australia where the largest class size is 26… So, we split the group into two, found five more kids who hadn’t been in the proper place for attendance and added them into the mix, and then we split the day and took time with our charges!

There was a great turnout for the teacher rally for those who did strike and their slogan and posters were fantastic – no love for Ted (premier) – appropriately timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day! There was a lot to love about the teachers’ passion and resolve! Rotating strikes are now planned for second term while the 38 hour workweek is ongoing resulting in no PD or extra-curricular events occurring beyond the regular workday. This is reeking havoc with Brad subbing as there is just no work at the moment as sub time is required for those on PD, etc but without that happening there is no need for a sub…

On Friday we went to the Melbourne Rebels home opener match for rugby. We had great seats, the kids moved up to the front and had a blast doing that and the Rebels (after a pretty sleepy start) won it pretty decisively. After the game, the whole team came out and signed autographs, took time to chat and get photos taken with fans. The kids were thrilled! Eoin, especially, was on cloud nine with rave reviews continuing all weekend!

Saturday was a day at the beach and Sunday was spent with the kids having time with friends – Hana going to a buddy’s place and Eoin having his friend to play. A pretty low-key weekend but worth it!

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